Tournament Play*

Bordifies sleeves provide the best quality for professional play in tournament environment and improve the look and feel of your deck by colorizing the borders.


in size and detail

When it comes to detail, Bordifies with its defining border and round printed corners is a sheer masterpiece for every fan enjoying playing Magic: The Gathering.


Product Design

ULTIMATE GUARD has established itself very rapidly as a synonym for high quality and innovation in the market of trading card games and collectors.

Bordifies™ Precise-Fit Sleeves

High quality transparent Precise-Fit sleeves with printed border.

  • Bordifies Precise-Fit Sleeves in display
  • Bordifies Precise Fit Sleeves in a group
  • Bordifies Precise Fit Sleeves in action

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Frequent Questions

In general there is no problem with using Bordifies in competitive environment. Although: Artistic modifications are acceptable in sanctioned tournaments. The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable sleeves for a tournament.
Yes. You read correct. Bordifies are "inner" Precise-Fit sleeves. And yes, they fit in normal sleeves.
Official product launch is december 2016. If you're living in Europe you can easily purchase Bordifies via our Online Shop. We offer free shipping and accept PayPal and SEPA Bank Transfer as payment methods. If you're living outside of Europe make sure to check out "Where to buy" or contact ULTIMATE GUARD directly.
Yes, you can. BUT please consider that many revised cards are slightly off-centered or misprinted. We can not assure that all of your beloved revised cards will fit 100%. We're tinkering with different border sizes and maybe offer an exclusive "revised" Bordifies edition in the future.
Yes. There are several colors in the making and will be available soon.
For international wholesale and distribution Bordifies is exclusively collaborating with ULTIMATE GUARD. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for ULTIMATE GUARD products, especially for Bordifies Precise-Fit sleeves, please don't hesistate contacting our distribution partner here.