The Original Bordifies Premium Sleeves for
Magic: The Gathering™ Trading Card Game.

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Tournament Play

Bordifies perfect size sleeves offers great quality for professional play in tournament environment and does a good job in pimping your deck by colorizing the borders.

Perfect in Detail

When it comes to detail, Bordifies with its defining border and round printed corners is a sheer masterpiece for every fan enjoying playing Magic: The Gathering™.


Bordifies will be available in eight different colors. These unique colored borders are a perfect way to customize your deck as never before.

  • Black Border Sleeves
  • White Border Sleeves
  • Blue Border Sleeves
  • Green Border Sleeves
  • Red Border Sleeves
  • Pink Border Sleeves
  • Silver Border Sleeves
  • Gold Border Sleeves


Made by players, made for players! Take a look at the prototypes, product shots and comments or listen to what the community says about Bordifies sleeves.

Jeff Hoogland

#bordifies "Neat product. I like the idea of having different colors." - Jeff Hoogland

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